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The use of electronic bugging equipment has been common for many years and reared it’s ugly head to international attention as far back as Watergate, but had been used to gather information illicitly long before.
As a wiretap can be placed in a telephone or any where along the telephone line in a mere matter of seconds or a wireless microphone can be concealed in everyday objects powered by either batteries or by mains operated devises such as plug strips or everyday lights, there are no limitations as to where these covert listening systems can be hidden.
Anywhere that confidential information is exchanged that can be used by other parties to their gain is a target.
We offer training, technical support, marketing assistance, full confidentiality for our customers, as a recognized industry authority and leading manufacturer.
NDR is proud of its many commendations, by governments and business communities alike, for its superior technology, invaluable assistance, and project participation both in the U.S. and abroad.
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