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NDR-320 GSM Intercept System (a5.1/a5.2/a5.0)

NDR-320 takes and deciphers all GSM encryption A5.0, A5.2, A5.1, A3 mode, A8 mode in real time. A fully passive (non-detectable) off the air GSM communications intercept system. It is invisible and cannot be identified by either GSM supplier or target mobile phone.
NDR-320 does not interfere with the local Network and the target cell phone can work in a normal fashion. The system operates on both the Non Encrypted and Encrypted GSM Networks completely independently of the Cellular Provider.
The system allows you to control 100% of the targets information (such as phone number, IMSI, IMEI, TMSI, Kc, Kl, ID info, etc.) and all active mobile phones in the local area where NDR-320 is in operation.  Automatically intercept both incoming and outgoing calls from flagged database. Enable you to jam calls and SMS to any target on the registered list or stop the Network communicating at all time.  NDR-320 can be utilized to generate text messages on behalf of any GSM users on the list.
NDR-320 can be remotely controlled by special access code over the IP network, or multiple systems can be linked together. Will intercept calls made from other countries.
Standard version has 4 or 8 channels in full duplex, which means that it can intercept four (4)or (8)  live cellular communications at the same time simultaneously.

  • Ability to intercept SMS, UMTS. 
  • Automatic or manual scanning of frequency channels search for emission of system cells. 
  • Definition of work regimes and emission parameters. 
  • Auto or manual adjustment of reception track on receipt of signal from base station. 
  • Saving of adjustment current configuration as a file on disk. 
  • Auto loading of any previously saved configurations. 
  • Recording facility of conversations onto PC hard disk, or to exterior recording system. 
  • Auto monitoring of subscribers from database. 
  • Ability to listen & tape conversations in real time. 
  • Ability to hold and display the protocol of transactions in receiving base stations and protocol of monitored subscribers. 
  • Display status of receiving channels (synchronization, level/strength signal, and activity in temporary slots. 
  • Monitoring radius typically 1km with high gain antennas.  
  • The system can store into the target base up to 700,000 numbers which can be given a priority selection.

  • *The above descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only. This information is intended only as a proprietary notice and does not constitute an offer to sell surreptitious intercept devices. Such an offer to sell can only be made by an official NDR Resource, Inc. proforma invoice signed by an authorized agent of NDR Resource International, Inc under the constructor of the US code Title 18 Section 2512. -All sales and shipping are subject to license approval by US Department of State.
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